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A Checklist for Your Child’s Dental Visit

July 31, 2022 2:23 am

Attending twice yearly dental appointments is one of the best ways to set your child up for dental health success. Because dental visits only come around twice a year, we’ve put together this handy checklist to help you have a smooth and informative appointment.

  1. Review their dental history
  2. Think back on the last time your child visited the dentist. Have you noticed any improvements or abnormalities, or have they had any dental work elsewhere since your previous visit? Let your dental team know!

  3. Bring a list of their medications & supplements
  4. Certain medications can have side effects on your child’s oral health. We can help you manage these effects so your child can have strong teeth and gums!

  5. Ask questions
  6. Please let us know if you have any questions about the tools we’re using, the treatments we recommend for your child, or how to improve their oral care at home. We recommend keeping a running list of dental questions on your phone between visits. Having your list of questions ready will keep you from forgetting what you want to ask at your child’s checkup!

  7. Keep your documents ready
  8. Have your insurance or payment information on hand so that taking care of your child’s bill is as stress-free as possible. At The Smile Club Dentistry & Orthodontics, we offer a range of affordable payment options so you can select one that works best for you and your budget.

  9. Change out your child’s toothbrush
  10. If you haven’t changed out your child’s toothbrush in the last three months, you should do so after their visit and write down a reminder for the next time you need to switch them to a new toothbrush.

Affordable Children’s dentistry in Houston, TX

At The Smile Club Dentistry & Orthodontics, our team provides gentle dental care for patients of all ages in Houston, TX. We particularly love caring for our young patients’ smiles and educating them about preventive oral health habits! Our office has toys, video games, and TVs with Netflix to help keep them entertained and comfortable while they are with us. We also offer relaxing dental sedation. If you or your children are due for a dental exam, please contact us to schedule your appointment!

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