Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston, TX

Wisdom teeth are the last set of adult teeth to erupt in the mouth. There are two on the top and two on the bottom, though not all may erupt at the same time. Due to their location and position, wisdom teeth extractions are commonly performed to maintain oral hygiene and prevent dental damage. Are your wisdom teeth ready for removal? Contact our office about our wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX!

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How long does a wisdom tooth extraction take?

When you schedule an appointment for wisdom tooth removal near you, you can expect the procedure to take at least half an hour or longer. The ultimate length of your procedure will vary on the tooth position and how quickly the local anesthetic or dental sedation takes effect. Once we preview your X-rays, we can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how long wisdom tooth extraction will take.

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Is it painful to have wisdom teeth removed?

One main reason to schedule wisdom tooth extractions is that growing or displaced wisdom teeth often cause pain and discomfort! The purpose of dental extractions for kids and adults is to ease the potential pain and discomfort and prevent infection or damage to your surrounding teeth. In an effort to provide painless dental extractions, we offer an anesthetic that will numb your mouth for a few hours.

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How long does it take to recover from wisdom tooth removal?

Though removal does not take long, you can prepare to spend quite some time recovering. The specific length of recovery will vary from patient to patient, but generally, one to two weeks is necessary for a full recovery. Our knowledgeable team will provide instructions on when you can return to normal activities. Until then, it’s best to avoid solid foods, lay elevated, and maintain good oral hygiene.

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