About Our Office

The Smile Club Dentistry and Orthodontics is proud to provide patients in Houston with the high-quality dental services that they need and deserve. We are a Spanish-speaking dental office, so we can cater to patients whether they speak English or Spanish. Our practice is also paperless, as our paperwork and written communication with patients is completely digital. We’d like to invite you to get to know our office better, and if you have any questions for us, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly front office team!

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Meet Our Houston Dental Team

Dr. Williams

Jason Williams, DMD

General Dentist

Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine

Whether he’s educating a nervous teenager or providing busy parents with the newly confident smile of their dreams, Dr. Williams truly loves his job. He believes in going above and beyond every day for the sake of his patients, providing high-quality treatment options that are based around each patient’s specific goals and needs.

Dr. Jay

Yasas Nalaka Jayaratne, MDS


University of Connecticut School of Dentistry

Dr. Jay treats each orthodontic patient with great compassion and respect for their individual needs and concerns. He derives immense satisfaction from being able to impact others’ lives through creating beautiful, confident smiles.

Kid-Friendly Care

Our compassionate dental team has the knowledge and patience required to work with children of all different ages and backgrounds. Not only that—we enjoy working with kids too! Whether your child needs dental sealants or an orthodontic consultation, our team would be happy to help. Our practice provides many amenities that kids love, from toys and video games in the lobby to overhead TVs with Netflix access in each treatment room. Once your child has completed another successful dental visit, they can pick out a prize from our prize box as well!

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Dental Sedation Services

Dental anxiety affects many kids and adults, and it can cause patients to cancel appointments or put off scheduling them in the first place. Postponing dental care can cause an endless cycle where a patient’s oral health declines over time, and they become even more anxious about visiting the dentist. To help patients receive the care they need when they need it, our team offers dental sedation that can improve the experiences of any patient who suffers from dental anxiety or is undergoing a more complex treatment.

To learn more about our safe and effective dental sedation services, we recommend getting in touch with our team.

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Modern Technology

Our office continually invests in better, more advanced technology to help our patients have pleasant, efficient, and productive appointments.

  • Overhead TVs — Watch your favorite show or movie during your next dental treatment or cleaning!
  • Intraoral Cameras — Get a close-up view of your teeth and see what your dentist sees at your next exam.
  • Nomad Pro Handheld X-Rays — Our digital mobile X-ray system produces less radiation than traditional X-rays and makes X-ray processing faster and easier.
  • Nitrous Oxide — Nitrous oxide is administered through a comfortable nose mask and puts the patient into a happy, relaxed state.
Dr. Williams examining a patient's teeth