Dental Extractions in Houston, TX

Sometimes even a dedicated oral healthcare routine isn’t enough to prevent damage or decay to your teeth. In these situations, our focus at The Smile Club Dentistry & Orthodontics is always to do what we can to save the tooth. However in some cases, the best solution is to simply remove the affected tooth. This can be an intimidating process, but a dental extraction is often the first step on the path to restoring your smile to top condition. If you’re looking for a dentist near you that can perform affordable, stress-free extractions, we have you covered! Reach out to our office to schedule today.

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Why Would I Need to Have a Tooth Extracted?

What’s the difference between an issue that can be fixed with minor dental work and a problem that requires an extraction? In many cases, it comes down to the severity of the issue or how likely it is that it might spread to affect other teeth. Some common reasons include:

  • Decay or fracture beyond a point that cannot be repaired
  • Advanced gum disease that can’t be resolved through deep cleaning or scaling
  • Tooth infection that cannot be resolved with a root canal
  • A misaligned tooth or wisdom tooth that’s pushing the rest of your teeth out of position or causing damage to another tooth
  • An unexpected injury to the mouth
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What Does a Tooth Extraction Procedure Involve?

After examination has confirmed it’s necessary to remove a tooth, the actual procedure will be scheduled or commenced same day. A surgical extraction relative to a simple extraction would be required if the tooth is not fully exposed or surgical means including sectioning of the tooth, tissue flap or etc is necessary for its complete removal. Extractions can be a relatively quick and painless procedure but this will vary from case to case. Your dentist will be able to answer any questions you have about your unique situation.

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How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Dental Extraction?

After a tooth is removed, the first thing on most people’s minds is having it replaced with a restorative procedure. However, before that can happen, you need to give your mouth time to properly heal. During recovery, you want to be careful to avoid eating until the anesthetic wears off, and to stick to softer foods for the next few days. Alcohol, sodas, smoking, and drinking through a straw can all put you at risk of dry socket, a painful condition that can make the recovery process more difficult. Luckily it often only takes a few days to get back to your normal routine!

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