Dental Crowns & Bridges in Houston, TX

Dental crowns are tooth-colored caps that are designed to fit over a single tooth and mimic its appearance while simultaneously protecting and supporting it. Dental bridges are similar dental restorations that can cover three or more teeth at a time, and they can be used to replace missing teeth. Want to learn more about our services or schedule a visit with us? Please contact our front office, and we will be happy to assist you.

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What are crowns and bridges used for?

Dental bridges and crowns are commonly used for the following reasons:

  • Protecting teeth from further damage
  • Supporting weak teeth
  • Keeping broken or cracked teeth together
  • Covering cosmetic imperfections
  • Replacing missing teeth (bridges)
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How are dental bridges and crowns made?

Before a crown or a bridge can be placed, any teeth that will be covered must be reshaped so that the restoration can fit over them comfortably and without looking bulky. Once that’s complete, we will take impressions of the teeth and send them to an off-site lab so that your custom restoration can be designed and created. Once we receive it, an additional visit will be scheduled so that the temporary crown or bridge can be removed and the permanent one placed. Final adjustments will be made, and then the process will be complete!

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Should I get a dental crown or a bridge?

Crowns and bridges are both excellent choices, and they are used for many of the same reasons. If you have a single tooth that needs to be repaired and protected, dental crowns are often the preferred choice, as they do not require any additional teeth to be modified. Dental bridges are often a better option for patients who have a few teeth in a row that need to be covered by a restoration and patients who want or need a way to replace one or more missing teeth that is less invasive than dental implants. Still not sure which is right for your smile? Our team will be happy to assist you during your consultation.

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